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Goliacyde's foundational books

 Hopefully goes without saying, but 1 Samuel (chapter 17 in particular) is the most important. Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future Hardcover by Peter Thiel  (Author), Blake Masters  Shackleton's Way: Leadership Lessons from the Great Antarctic Explorer by Margot Morrell and Stephanie Capparell  The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power  by Shoshana Zuboff Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy by Cathy O'Neil  What other books do you recommend? We'd love to hear your thoughts:

Who are these "surveillance capitalists" you keep referring to?

A: The companies that have discovered the "behavioral surplus" that comes from tracking our every movement across the internet.  From p. 97 of Prof. Shoshana Zuboff's seminal work, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism :   Study this infograph for awhile and let us know what you think: Also, buy and read Prof. Zuboff's book. It's nothing short of extraordinary.  The whole idea behind Goliacyde is to give you that SURPLUS (and all the benefits therefrom) rather than the surveillance capitalists taking it for themselves.   Behavioral data is the new oil . Surveillance capitalists happen to have the tools and capital to harvest the behavioral data ( i.e. , your online behavior) and manufacturer this behavioral data into "prediction products" that they sell to the highest bidder.  Ever had an ad show up while scrolling and think, "How in the world did they know....?" Yep. That's surveillance capitalists at work, selling your b

So how do you "capture" my data?

Through Terebinth Technology Pronounced “tear-a-binth” as in, "This is a picture of a terebinth tree that I found on Wikipedia." A terebinth tree (s/k/a turpentine tree) is a species of tree native to the Mediterranean region. To continue with our company's David v. Goliath ethos , we named our proprietary technology ( i.e. , the technology that empowers you to collect your internet’s “oil” ) Terebinth Technology .  So what does “terebinth” have to do with David and Goliath? The Israelites and Philistines fought in the Valley of Elah. This is where Goliath of Gath mocked the Israelite army and challenged them to send a man to fight him mano a mano .  David wouldn't stand for such mockery, so he gathered "smooth stones" (from a brook named "Elah"), and made Goliath fall . 1 "Elah" is the Hebrew word for terebinth. Ipso facto David fought Goliath in the Valley of Terebinth and selected the "smooth stones" from the Terebin

Data is the new oil

Big Tech has profited from “drilling” your data: every click on a screen, movement of the mouse, scroll of the finger, glance of the eye. This data is captured and refined through Big Tech’s machine learning algorithms to produce “prediction products” that are then sold to companies wanting to advertise on your newsfeed.  Much like oil fueled the Industrial Revolution, data is catalyzing the Digital Revolution. Hence why companies are so focused on “data and metrics” these days; it’s all derived from Big Tech’s discovery of the untapped potential of online data. However, such data belongs to you, the one who created it–not the companies that captured it.  Goliacyde provides users the ability to prevent companies from unauthorized “drilling” of their data while also giving users the ability to “drill” their own data as well. Whether a user elects to leave the “oil” underneath their property, store the “oil” in barrels, or send the “oil” to a refinery and get paid is completely up to th

What is Goliacyde?

  First, it’s pronounced “ga-lie-a-side.” Second, it’s the combination of “ Goliath ,” the suffix “ -cide ,” and a company’s “ y ”—as in, “Why are we here? Why should I care? Why, oh why, have I read this far and still have no answer to the title question?” “Goliath” By definition, a “goliath” is a person or thing of enormous size or strength. Biblically speaking, a boy named David killed a giant named Goliath. By analogy, there are certain companies who are goliaths: they connect faces and books, “do no evil,” and send pointy smiles on cardboard boxes.  “-cide” The suffix “-cide” denotes an act of killing. Homicide. Pesticide. Herbicide. Insecticide. Etc.  “y” Finally, our “why” I.e., What is our value proposition? What do we offer to users, customers, the internet and humanity writ large?  Altogether: GOLIACYDE Goliacyde is a company that empowers users to take charge of their online data. Whereas other companies *cough* Big Tech *cough* profit from their users’ attention, inclinati