Data is the new oil

Big Tech has profited from “drilling” your data: every click on a screen, movement of the mouse, scroll of the finger, glance of the eye. This data is captured and refined through Big Tech’s machine learning algorithms to produce “prediction products” that are then sold to companies wanting to advertise on your newsfeed. 

Much like oil fueled the Industrial Revolution, data is catalyzing the Digital Revolution. Hence why companies are so focused on “data and metrics” these days; it’s all derived from Big Tech’s discovery of the untapped potential of online data. However, such data belongs to you, the one who created it–not the companies that captured it. 

Goliacyde provides users the ability to prevent companies from unauthorized “drilling” of their data while also giving users the ability to “drill” their own data as well. Whether a user elects to leave the “oil” underneath their property, store the “oil” in barrels, or send the “oil” to a refinery and get paid is completely up to them. 

Goliacyde provides the means to protect–and monetize–an individual’s online data. 

Data is the new oil and it’s time Big Tech stops taking what’s rightfully yours.  Goliacyde provides the means to cut Big Tech off at the source (thereby protecting your data/property rights) while also providing you with the necessary equipment to “drill” your data (thereby enabling you to monetize your data). Welcome to the Digital Revolution!


¹ Read The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power  by Shoshana Zuboff. Great book. Highly recommend.


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