What is Goliacyde?

Goliacyde. Your data. Your rights. Take charge.

 First, it’s pronounced “ga-lie-a-side.”

Second, it’s the combination of “Goliath,” the suffix “-cide,” and a company’s “y”—as in, “Why are we here? Why should I care? Why, oh why, have I read this far and still have no answer to the title question?”


By definition, a “goliath” is a person or thing of enormous size or strength. Biblically speaking, a boy named David killed a giant named Goliath. By analogy, there are certain companies who are goliaths: they connect faces and books, “do no evil,” and send pointy smiles on cardboard boxes. 


The suffix “-cide” denotes an act of killing. Homicide. Pesticide. Herbicide. Insecticide. Etc. 


Finally, our “why” I.e., What is our value proposition? What do we offer to users, customers, the internet and humanity writ large? 

Altogether: GOLIACYDE

Goliacyde is a company that empowers users to take charge of their online data. Whereas other companies *cough* Big Tech *cough* profit from their users’ attention, inclinations, patterns, and behavior, Goliacyde provides users the tools to protect—and monetize—their online behavior. 

Goliacyde provides individuals (whether parents protecting their children, boomers protecting their privacy, intellectuals protecting their freedom) direct access to Web3’s data revolution. Just like David had “smooth stones” to sling at Goliath, our technology enables you to sling stones at surveillance capitalists. Welcome to the revolution. 


¹For you true biblical scholars out there, Elhanan also killed another giant named Goliath. Compare 1 Samuel 17 with 2 Samuel 21:19 (with particular attention to the ESV footnote thereto).


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