Who are these "surveillance capitalists" you keep referring to?

A: The companies that have discovered the "behavioral surplus" that comes from tracking our every movement across the internet. 

From p. 97 of Prof. Shoshana Zuboff's seminal work, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: 

Study this infograph for awhile and let us know what you think: info@goliacyde.com. Also, buy and read Prof. Zuboff's book. It's nothing short of extraordinary. 

The whole idea behind Goliacyde is to give you that SURPLUS (and all the benefits therefrom) rather than the surveillance capitalists taking it for themselves. 

Behavioral data is the new oil. Surveillance capitalists happen to have the tools and capital to harvest the behavioral data (i.e., your online behavior) and manufacturer this behavioral data into "prediction products" that they sell to the highest bidder. 

Ever had an ad show up while scrolling and think, "How in the world did they know....?" Yep. That's surveillance capitalists at work, selling your behavioral data as refined "prediction products" to a given marketer in hopes that you click-through. 

But do you ever receive a cut of this buying/selling of your data? No, of course not. But why not? It's your data afterall! 

That's where Goliacyde steps in and captures your data and gives it back to you thereby preventing surveillance capitalists from taking it. Whether you want to keep your data private or monetize it is completely up to you. 

It's time to fight back. It's time to join to join the data revolution!


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