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Goliacyde is a "painkiller" and a "vitamin"

 Tony Fadell stated in his recent book, Build: An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Making : "The best ideas are painkillers, not vitamins." As he further explains, "Vitamin pills are good for you, but they're not essential. You can skip your morning vitamin for a day, a month, a lifetime and never notice the difference." Painkillers on the other hand — forget about them you'll notice "real quick."  The difference is that "[p]ainkillers eliminate something that's constantly bothering you." (p. 172) For example: Ever been bothered by an intrusive ad? Ever joked about how "they" are listening to you, but are actually worried about how much "they" actually know about your online behavior? Ever worried about how social media is affecting your children? Ever wondered what the world would be like if Facebook didn't exist? Goliacyde is the "painkiller" for these pains. This is our defensive approach . 

Why do I need Goliacyde?

Why do I need Goliacyde?  With products like DuckDuckGo(ose), Brave Browser, and VPN services, why do I need Goliacyde? First, these are excellent questions. In many ways, you already "get it" if you use any of the products listed above.  Second, if you're asking these questions, our response back to you is, "What do all these products have in common?" All of these products take a defensive approach to internet privacy: delete , block , redirect . In other words, these products take a reactive approach to the issue of surveillance capitalism. These products effectually stop the new means of production , but they do nothing to benefit you further. If data is the new oil , then these products are the "No Trespassing" signs and locked gates to dissuade would-be surveillance capitalists from extracting your "oil."  Goliacyde provides both a defensive and  offensive approach : protect and monetiz e . To continue with the analogy, Goliacyde enable