Goliacyde is a "painkiller" and a "vitamin"

 Tony Fadell stated in his recent book, Build: An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Making:

"The best ideas are painkillers, not vitamins."

As he further explains, "Vitamin pills are good for you, but they're not essential. You can skip your morning vitamin for a day, a month, a lifetime and never notice the difference."

Painkillers on the other handforget about them you'll notice "real quick." 

The difference is that "[p]ainkillers eliminate something that's constantly bothering you." (p. 172)

For example:
  • Ever been bothered by an intrusive ad?
  • Ever joked about how "they" are listening to you, but are actually worried about how much "they" actually know about your online behavior?
  • Ever worried about how social media is affecting your children?
  • Ever wondered what the world would be like if Facebook didn't exist?

Goliacyde is the "painkiller" for these pains. This is our defensive approach

At the same time, vitamins are still "good for you." This is not an either/or dilemma; this is an opportunity to alleviate your pain and supplement your income. 

For example:
  • Would you like to earn passive income?
  • Would you like to be in charge of what online data is captured and sold? 
  • Would you like to decide who gets to see your online data rather than freely giving it away?

Goliacyde is the "vitamin" for these benefits. This is our offensive approach.

Goliacyde decentralizes surveillance capitalism by enabling you to sell your online data and behavior as “prediction products” and profit accordingly.


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