Why do I need Goliacyde?

Why do I need Goliacyde? 

With products like DuckDuckGo(ose), Brave Browser, and VPN services, why do I need Goliacyde?

First, these are excellent questions. In many ways, you already "get it" if you use any of the products listed above. 
Second, if you're asking these questions, our response back to you is, "What do all these products have in common?"

All of these products take a defensive approach to internet privacy: delete, block, redirect.

In other words, these products take a reactive approach to the issue of surveillance capitalism. These products effectually stop the new means of production, but they do nothing to benefit you further. If data is the new oil, then these products are the "No Trespassing" signs and locked gates to dissuade would-be surveillance capitalists from extracting your "oil." 

Goliacyde provides both a defensive and offensive approach: protect and monetize.

To continue with the analogy, Goliacyde enables you to extract your "oil" and store it in "barrels" using our proprietary Terebinth Technology. Whether you want to leave your "oil" sitting in barrels or sell those "barrels of oil" to the highest bidder is completely up to you. Goliacyde provides you the ability to decide what to do with your online data: lock it down OR hold your ground and sell it around. 

Your data. Your rights. Take charge. 

Without any of these products, your online behavior is tracked, captured, and sold to the highest bidder. With a defense-oriented product, your online behavior is less likely to be tracked or captured. With Goliacyde, YOU capture and sell YOUR data. When YOU are selling YOUR data, surveillance capitalists no longer have unfettered access to their limitless supply of Behavioral Surplus (composed of countless clicks and connections commodified for their consumption). 

Goliacyde provides the means for you to monetize your online behavior. 

Welcome to the Revolution. 


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